Business Criminal Law

Businesses are increasingly facing legal issues with criminal implications. Legal persons, their managers and their advisers (tax, accountant, legal, etc.) are often indicted for crimes as author, co-author, or accomplice.

Our team of experienced lawyers offers both to persons prosecuted and victims a multidisciplinary qualitative service, either to raise awareness and warn the company or its managers about the criminal risk at stake as a result of their activities or to prepare an effective defense before criminal or commercial courts or before administrative authorities.

Our services:

  • Auditing in terms of exposure to risk and its management, particularly concerning the social or fiscal documentation used, the control procedures put in place, or even during the recruitment, use of intermediaries, or any other risky transaction due to its nature, sector of activity or issues.
  • Compliance analysis with the applicable criminal laws, control of communication, detection of fraud (theft, abuse of corporate assets, fraud, embezzlement, public or private corruption, breaches of competition law, tax fraud, criminal consumer protection, etc.)
  • Rédaction et négociation de contrats, publications officielles et autres documents.
  • Examination of suspicious transactions and complex arrangements potentially generating illicit benefits and property investigations
  • Support for perpetrators, co-perpetrators or accomplices of criminal offenses, natural or legal persons, at any stage of an inspection (for example, social), information, instruction or procedure, including for example, during negotiation and drafting of a criminal transaction
  • Preparation, planning, and implementation of action in favor of a victim defense in all matters having criminal consequences