Urban Planning and Environmental Law

Environmental Law covers the legal rules relating to the protection, use, management and restoration of the environment. Classically, lawyers’ services are divided into two categories: advice and litigation, two complementary and sometimes even parallel activities. We advise and defend our clients, both public and private, in both advisory and litigation matters in the various branches of environmental law.

An environmental lawyer will be able to check the validity of a permit application (town planning or subdivision permit, environmental permit, single permit) as well as to defend against an appeal for the cancellation of an authorization to operate a classified facility or to review an application for an operating authorization, to participate in expert meetings relating to the pollution of a former industrial zone (impact assessment, polluted soil, waste, ...), to draft a consultation on such developments in the law of land use planning.

Our services:

  • Assistancefor the application for planning, subdivision or operating permits ;
  • Filing appeals before the Council of State;
  • Representation of clients in litigation before administrative, civil or criminal courts.
  • Initiation of proceedings to bring into question the liability of anyone who has submitted an application for a town planning permit likely to cause you damage;
  • Management and negotiation of lawsuits.
  • Analysis of risk and adaptation projects according to the applicable legislation.
  • Negotiation with the authorities to resolve a difficult urban planning situation;
  • Defence in the event of criminal prosecution for violation of a town planning rule;

Our experience

  • Management of a soil decontamination case in a green zone;
  • Environmental analysis within the framework of a socio-economic survey in order to obtain a global permit for a mixed zoning (construction, garden, garage and commercial activity) ;
  • Legal proceedings following the soil pollution of a private individual plot as a consequence of the leakage of neighbouring underground pipes;
  • Proceedings following a conflict of adjoining hedges;
  • Proceedings for the reconstruction of a common wall between two hotels;
  • Proceedings following damage caused by game;

Our Team