Labour and Social Security

Our Labour and Social Security Law practice provides services to all employers, whether small, medium or large companies, and also self-employed persons confronted to legal issues during the recruitment, the occupation or the termination of an employment contract. It is also directed to private individuals confronted with any question or conflict with their employer.

We also offer assistance for any question relating to an incapacity for work or an accident at work. The other lawyers in our team are called upon for any question with implications relating to tax law or competition law, for example. We handle your cases in French, Spanish or English.

Our services:

  • Legal audit: verification and analysis of employment contracts within the company, labour regulations, conditions of employment, dismissal procedures, etc...
  • Advice and drafting of labour regulations, company car agreements, special agreements (for the organisation of teleworking for example), internal regulations, agreement on the termination/suspension of the employment contract by mutual agreement, etc...
  • Accompagnement juridique, rédaction et négociation de contrats et/ou de clause spécifiques.
  • Conseils et accompagnements lors des élections sociales.
  • Advice and support during social elections.
  • Advice and legal assistance in any relationship with the trade union delegation, work council, standing committee for labour protection.
  • Assistance and support in the context of the dismissal of employee representatives.
  • Advice and assistance in the context of procedures for dismissal with notice, termination for serious misconduct, act equipollent to termination.
  • Legal support in crisis situations: collective redundancies, closure and restructuring, bankruptcy, judicial reorganisation procedure.
  • Advice and negotiation of social debts: NSSO, withholding tax, etc...
  • Defence and assistance in any action before the labour tribunal, the labour court for both employers and workers.
  • Initiation of any action before the labour tribunal and the labour court for both employers and workers.
  • Defence for all disputes relating to accidents at work, incapacity and invalidity.

Our experience

  • Regular support of SMEs during the hiring of personnel, but also during a dismissal to ensure the regularity of the prescribed formalities under pain of nullity, the amount of the severance pay, but also in the context of their defence following a summons to court etc...
  • Claiming compensation before the labour courts for a worker dismissed for serious misconduct.
  • Negotiations in the context of the termination of the employment contract of a manager (compensation, date of departure and terms of departure).
  • Monitoring of the 2020 social elections.
  • Legal assistance during the lock-down following the Covid-19 (aid available, temporary unemployment, adaptation of working arrangements, etc.).
  • Defence of workers with regard to incapacity/disability to work.
  • Assistance and defence in the event of a fatal work accident.

Our Team