Droit de l’arbitrage

Because of a massive disinvestment in the sector of Justice for many years, the possibility of resorting to arbitration procedures unfortunately remains an unknown alternative for litigants.

In combination with mediation, where appropriate, arbitration procedures offer undeniable and sometimes unexpected advantages compared to classic state judicial procedure such as flexibility, speed, greater control by litigants over certain aspects of the procedure (choice of language, choice of applicable regulations, etc.), better predictability of fees and expenses, etc. The firm assists its clients in arbitration proceedings, both in Belgium and internationally.

Our services:

  • Assistance and advice for the drafting or adaptation of an arbitration clause;
  • Examination of the 'arbitrability' (the arbitral feature) of the dispute;
  • Representation of our clients as counsel or intervention as arbitrator in Belgian or international arbitration proceedings;
  • Annulment of arbitral awards;
  • Investment treaties (bilateral investment treaties)

Our experience

  • Litigious or non-litigious support for any Belgian or international arbitral dispute.
  • Me Gaëtan ZEYEN is member of various Belgian and foreign arbitration institutions: 'Cepani'; 'French Arbitration Association'; 'Russian Arbitration Association'; ‘Arbitration Chamber of Vienna’
  • Me Gaëtan ZEYEN intervened in various arbitration proceedings, mostly in an advisory capacity.

Our Team