Real estate Law

Our real estate law practice covers all legal issues relating to the ownership, rental or other use of real estate.

We assist owners and users in negotiations and litigations regarding rental contracts (main residence lease, commercial lease or customised leases), the transfer of real estate rights or the structuring of real estate property. Our team of lawyers also relies on our environmental and urban planning law and tax law practices to assist clients according to the needs of the case.

Our services:

  • Drafting and negotiation of lease agreements (for main residence, commercial or customised)
  • Representing clients in litigation before courts and tribunals or arbitration bodies
  • Accompanying clients in the preparation of notarial deeds
  • Representing clients in real estate appraisal, damage assessment and liability assignments

Our experience

  • Representing companies in the negotiation and litigation regarding commercial leases
  • Organisation of the exit from joint ownership of commercial properties

Our Team