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Innovation Desk

Our Innovation Desk is specifically dedicated to innovative companies, inventors, creators, artists, designers and favours a transversal approach to legal issues that innovation actors have to handle. Combining the firm’s expertise in Intellectual Property Law, Regulatory, Belgian and European Competition Law, Tax Law and Economic Law, our desk provides legal support to innovative projects from lab/studio to fab and more generally access to the market.

Our services consist in particular of

  • Negotiation and drafting of R&D agreements, non-disclosure agreements, financial sponsor agreement, collaboration and consortium agreements, co-ownership agreements, transfer and licensing of intellectual property rights, data sharing agreements and technology transfer agreements
  • Negotiation and drafting of agreements relating to the production, coproduction, direction, artist performance and distribution for the movie, editing, translation industries as well as the transfer or licensing of intellectual property rights for literary works.
  • Negotiation and drafting of agreement for IT industries, including software licensing, software development, maintenance, hosting or escrow agreements.
  • Legal due diligence to determine the background IP and the foreground IP
  • Legal advise, implementation and support to innovative projects including joint-venture agreements or the creation of single-entry points/legal vehicles for the industrial and commercial exploitation
  • Advise on new technologies regulations (identification of applicable rules, implementation of compliance programmes, follow-up and execution)
  • Legal representation in any court or arbitration case relating to the violation of intellectual property rights, agreements and other legal issues related to innovation
  • Advice, implementation and support for the tax strategy and planning of revenues from the transfer or licensing of intellectual property rights