Personal and Family Law

Personal and Family Law includes all matters relating to your person, household or family. This area of law deals with various subjects, such as divorce, filiation, cohabitation, marriage, alimony, regulation of visiting rights, name, parental authority, administration, guardianship and adoption.

As a person, you may also be confronted with problems related to your stay in Belgium, the grant of nationality, work permit, application for international protection or subsidiary protection, family reunification, obtaining a short-stay visa. Our firm, experienced in these matters, will analyse your personal case and assist you in these procedures.

Our services:

  • Drafting of agreements in the context of a divorce by mutual consent.
  • Divorce proceedings before the tribunal for irremediable disunion.
  • Application for annulment of marriage (white marriage, grey marriage).
  • Urgent measures concerning the issue of family housing and child custody and maintenance contributions.
  • The right to spousal maintenance during and after the divorce.
  • The right to personal relations with the child (grandparent, godfather, godmother).
  • Issues relating to adoption (simple adoption, full adoption, international adoption).
  • The establishment of filiation.
  • Challenging paternity.
  • Procedure for the protection of persons who are unable to manage their property because of the physical or mental health of the person.
  • You are a victim of domestic or intra-family violence and you wish to be assisted in your proceedings.
  • Procedures relating to the rectification of civil status records.
  • Applications for family reunification (with your spouse, companion, child, ascendant)
  • Applications for visas for marriage or cohabitation.
  • Applications for short-stay visas.
  • Student visa applications.
  • Applications for visas for exceptional circumstances.
  • Regularisation of residence on the basis of exceptional circumstances (article 9 bis of the 1980 law).
  • Regularisation of residence for medical reasons.
  • Procedures for the granting of nationality.
  • Appeals to the Tribunal in the event of refusal to grant nationality.
  • Statelessness status.
  • Detention with a view to removal from the territory.
  • Appeals in the event of a negative decision by the Immigration Office or the Office of the Commissioner General for Refugees and Stateless Persons